About Me

I’m Bartosz Czekala.

I’m on the mission to start the learning revolution (or at least the rebellion of decent size!) concerning the way we learn. But what’s even more important – I’m here to help YOU to learn more effectively.

Now close your eyes and imagine…No, wait! You can’t read then. Well…

Anyway, just think what is within your reach when you unshackle your true potential and master the art of learning. If you’ve ever wanted:


  • communicate with foreigners with ease and fluency in a language of your choice
  • get ahead at work with a kick-ass memory
  • finally remember people’s names and stop feeling embarrassed at parties
  • remember facts about anyone and create instant rapport with them
  • study effortlessly and ace your exams
  • master any field of knowledge (doesn’t matter how quirky)
  • impress your friends and get noticed in an ocean of look-alike


You’ve come to the RIGHT place.
On this blog I’ll be writing about:


  • mnemonics
  • creating systems to facilitate learning
  • mastering languages
  • connection between memory and creativity
  • different ways to acquire new skills
  • integrative and associative learning
  • effective ways to maintain your knowledge
  • my learning experiments


You see, I believe that the reason behind your willingness to learn is not important.
Money, adoration, impressing friends – these are great things.

But in the end the greatest thing of all is that you’ll become a better version of yourself.

Think about any video game character to understand what I mean – you start with nothing and work your way up.

How cool is that?!

What’s crucial now is to take the first step and start the journey.


Most of us have had many bad experiences connected with learning which left us traumatized.

I get it, I’ve been there. The thing is that you can’t escape learning – not in the new economy where innovation, skill development and learning are the only means to achieve success.

What I want to show you is that learning can be fun and something magical. Yes, you’ve heard me right.

My Story


I graduated from Computer Science and Econometrics and did my postgraduate studies in Legal Translation.

After studies I worked in company dealing with industrial automation while teaching languages, statistics and mnemonics (among other things!).

After I got bored I taught myself Swedish (at home) in 4 months without talking to anyone, just to land a job in one of top ten corporations in the world. Currently I speak 9 languages including my native one.

Oh, and also won a local memory tournament and co-wrote a book on persuasion.

My list of languages (including levels)

But that’s not interesting.

What is?

I’ve made probably every possible mistake regarding learning. I had self-doubts, a lot of them actually. Hell, I still have!

I felt lost, didn’t know where to start.

Somehow, in the course of years due to my persistence and experimenting I devised my own ways to learn which time and time again proved to be very effective.

I don’t claim to be an expert – usually these are people who feel so smart that they stop learning. I simply want to show you what has worked for me and my approach to learning.

I believe that discovering the hidden treasures of our minds is perfectly possible.

If you, on the other hand, believe that you must have some special talents to learn, some mythical “learning gene” or innate genius.

That there’s something mystical going on about learning and that the people who claim to learn quickly are frauds.

Please leave. I can’t help you.

There are no silver bullets. You better be prepared to work hard. And if you choose to do so, if you choose to embark on that journey, drop me an e-mail.

Maybe I’ll be able to help you. Maybe we can struggle and stumble together.

Share your thoughts. It does matter.