1 Great Tip To Find The Translation Of Lyrics Of Your Favorite Song

Picture by: Ohmann Alianne

I’m sure that you have some songs that make you cry.
Now you can make others cry as well while you sing in your target language!

Alright, I admit – that sounded like a bad advertisement !
Anyway, I highly recommend that you check LyricsTranslate.com .

What is this magical website?

The website contains over 280k translations of all kinds of songs.
The translations are available in dozens of languages.

Sure, you won’t always find the song you want, especially if it is acid, vegetarian dubstep.
But don’t be picky – simply move on to the next song which interests you.

However, if you’re really desperate, you can request somebody to translate the lyrics for you!
I guess it’s also worth mentioning that it’s FREE like the lead-laden air we breath in!

How does it work?

Search for the song you’d like to hear and when the original lyrics appear, simply choose the language which they should be translated into.

Let’s try to find one of my favorite songs of Bon Jovi – Bad Medicine.
Sing Songs In Your Target Language

Great, isn’t it?
Now find the backing track on You Tube and you’re ready to go.
Sing your heart out!

If you want some extra language practice, you might register on the website and start translating the lyrics to help others.

Have fun and pass this article to the fellow language learners who have musical inclinations!


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